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With the active participation of our users, we have created an optimum environment, designed to allow the simultaneous coordinated work inside and out individual institutions, relying on the exchange of images and data.


  • Complete and scalable solution.
  • Possibility of starting up the operation with an acceptable budget.
  • Modular approach and client-server architecture.
  • Exchange of medical images among different diagnostic units and other departments and medical services within a given hospital.
  • Coordinated work with other hospitals (directly or over the Internet)
  • High level of protection of data with the option to code-protect all transactions. The protection of data transferred over the Internet is also guaranteed.
  • Optimized data transfer and compression algorithms..
  • Integration of the latest standards in telemedicine, communications and information technologies (DICOM 3.0, HL7, SmartCard technologies, JPEG 2000..).
  • This solution allows the operation in all situations:
  • From home.
  • In emergencies.
  • In cases when an urgent medical consultation is needed.


  • Acquisition of data from medical devices.
  • Shaping of all medical data into a coherent, compressed and protected multimedia document
  • Transfer of multimedia documents to the Telemedicine Center (CTM).

Basic functions

  • Dependable storage of documents.
  • Strict access control to the CTM
  • Administration and redirection of documents.
  • Scalable backup system.
  • Distribution of images within and outside a medical institution. 

Communication server:

  • System administration of users.
  • LAN/WAN communications.

CTM - RDB Servers:

  • Patients database.
  • Case database.
  • Medical images database.

CTM - Diagnostics:

  • Connection to the CTM.
  • Authentication
  • Control of incoming documents.
  • Efficient and dependable admission of documents.
  • User-oriented diagnostic tools.
  • Real-time cooperation with other CTM users (within the medical institution, from home, between two medical institutions).

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