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Picture 1: Refinery in Yaroslavl


PAUPER system, for collection and calculation of the parameters of the heat energy production with production cost settlement in Heating plant.

Technical system includes collection of direct measuring parameters in the plant, provides entrance of techno-economic parameters and settlements of the fluid flow, calolimteric calculations, production parameter monitoring and generating production balance and consumption in real time and in shift, daily, monthly and annual level.

System is based on measuring equipment IMP-Solatron, modern computer system and implementation that secure distributive surveillance system. The applied technologies are of modern graphic solutions based on internet technologies.

Pictures of PAUPER application:

pauper1 pauper2

pauper3 pauper4
Picture 2: graphic review of "PAUPER" application


Picture: PAUPER report

Picture 3: PAUPER report

Measuring equipment IMP- Solartron

imp1 imp
Picture 4: IMP - Solartron


Yaroslavl CHPP-3 increased the capacity to 310 MW

PAUPER system is certified in the Russian Federation, read more